Centaur Testimonial – John Hutcheson

testimonial of centaur fenceI took a three year old stud colt in to train and had turned him out to pasture for a day off. He went up from the pasture to the vicinity of my elevated arena (which is fenced in Centaur), where I had turned him out [with] another colt, and kicked uphill at the other horse and hung himself in the fence. I saw it happen from the house and by the time I got to him he had kicked free. He only had superficial skinned places and some hematoma in the following days, which I addressed with cold therapy, but it was not necessary to call the vet. I can only begin to imagine what it would have been like on any other type of fence. Experience tells me that I might have lost the horse and all that time I had put in on him not to mention the liability. I have had this Centaur Fencing for more than 10 years now and am convinced it will outlive me.

Now I only have to repair or replace a 600 ft run.

John M. Hutcheson

Gab Creek Farm: Foundation Morgans

Centaur Fencing Testimonial – Sherry

centaur fencing sherry testimonialThree years ago, Chester lived in a beautiful new 3-board oak fenced pasture. On a crisp, green summer afternoon, we were cantering circles on the longe line.

A small spook and he was free in the field, his exuberant galloping strides following the fence line. One of those terrifying sliding stops at the corner, but there was slick clay mud and he was unable to stop.

His muscular right shoulder cracked the thick oak board as he tried to turn, leaving a spear, that momentum pushed torwards his heart. He galloped down the hill, back to me, leaving an arc of blood with every stride.

He came to me and laid down at my feet and died.

When we purchased our own land and started building the barn and fencing, I knew board fence was never an option. I needed something that would keep my horses safe and let me once again enjoy seeing those beautiful flights across the field. I chose Centaur.

I can feel safe as my partner leaps and careens down the steep and muddy hill, if he can’t stop, Centaur will protect him.