Wire Vise & One Way Anchor Vise

Used a lot for grape trellises, anchoring horse fencing, and similar uses, the one way anchor vise is probably one of the most versatile fencing accessories out there. We’ve carried the wire vise for years and are still learning new ways that our customers use it.

We just wanted to highlight two of those ways quickly for you all.

1. Anchoring Horse Fencing  (Like Centaur’s White Lightning)

wire viseAs you can see in the photo to the left, the line fencing is anchored into the wire vise in the post. The vise allows the wire to pass one direction (into the post) while preventing movement in the other entirely. That allows you to tighten the line up as much as possible without threat of failure. Use it for electric fencing, polymer strands (like Finish Line) or pretty much any other line/wire fencing.

2. Anchoring Grape Trellises

The second most common use of our anchor vises is not even related to fencing. A grape trellis requires a taught wire for hanging. As you can imagine the anchor vise is perfect for creating that tautness. Check out the photo below to see what we are talking about:

grape trellis