Cenflex Fencing Testimonial – Andrew Wilson

cenflex andrew wilsonOn Sunday, September 20th, 2009. the rain began as any other typical rain in northwest Atlanta.   Little did we know that this rain would go down in the history books as the “Epic Flood or 2009”! The twenty inches of rain that deluged our  area in twenty four hours set a record for the most rain that has ever fallen in a twenty-four hour period in the United States. This record eclipsed every hurricane or tropical storm, including Hurricane Katrina! All of this rain resulted in a very devastating flood that destroyed Roads, bridges, and homes in our area and throughout the surrounding counties. Our Poplar Springs creek flooded so severely that it was featured on one of Atlanta’s major news station and caused some extreme damage to our field, creek bank and trees that lined the creek. Our creek suddenly became a raging river that twisted trees from the banks and uprooted even the guardrail that lined the now underwater bridge.

After the water finally subsided, we began to evaluate the massive damage that this storm had caused to our pasture, barn, and fence. We noticed that our pasture fence was no longer standing and had moved in a serpentine pattern into the middle of our pasture. The fence posts had been uprooted (with the cement anchors still attached). When the water subsided, the “Centaur Fence” had successfully survived this tough storm intact and was not damaged by the flow of debris and forceful torrents that raged through our area. When we installed the “Centaur Fence”, we were told that this fence was strong but we had no idea that the fence would one day survive such a devastating flood beyond the 500-year flood projections. We were very impressed with our Centaur Fence; and we are fortunate that we were able to just reset our fence posts and renew our “Centaur Fence” easily while our neighbors were starting over. I truly believe your claim that the Centaur fence “outlasts traditional fencing.” We are overwhelmed and so thankful that the “Centaur Fence’ lived up to its reputation and survived the “Epic Flood of 2009”!

Andrew Wilson

Centaur Fencing Testimonial – Sherry

centaur fencing sherry testimonialThree years ago, Chester lived in a beautiful new 3-board oak fenced pasture. On a crisp, green summer afternoon, we were cantering circles on the longe line.

A small spook and he was free in the field, his exuberant galloping strides following the fence line. One of those terrifying sliding stops at the corner, but there was slick clay mud and he was unable to stop.

His muscular right shoulder cracked the thick oak board as he tried to turn, leaving a spear, that momentum pushed torwards his heart. He galloped down the hill, back to me, leaving an arc of blood with every stride.

He came to me and laid down at my feet and died.

When we purchased our own land and started building the barn and fencing, I knew board fence was never an option. I needed something that would keep my horses safe and let me once again enjoy seeing those beautiful flights across the field. I chose Centaur.

I can feel safe as my partner leaps and careens down the steep and muddy hill, if he can’t stop, Centaur will protect him.