Centaur Testimonial – John Hutcheson

testimonial of centaur fenceI took a three year old stud colt in to train and had turned him out to pasture for a day off. He went up from the pasture to the vicinity of my elevated arena (which is fenced in Centaur), where I had turned him out [with] another colt, and kicked uphill at the other horse and hung himself in the fence. I saw it happen from the house and by the time I got to him he had kicked free. He only had superficial skinned places and some hematoma in the following days, which I addressed with cold therapy, but it was not necessary to call the vet. I can only begin to imagine what it would have been like on any other type of fence. Experience tells me that I might have lost the horse and all that time I had put in on him not to mention the liability. I have had this Centaur Fencing for more than 10 years now and am convinced it will outlive me.

Now I only have to repair or replace a 600 ft run.

John M. Hutcheson

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